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Summer Indulgences, Part 1

Summer Indulgences, Part 1

At the Matouk photo shoot in Locust Valley, NY. On the bed are Pearl, Nocturne, and Carlyle. 


We can imagine no greater indulgence than sleeping outdoors on a warm summer evening. Not in a sleeping bag and tent (though camping certainly has its place, especially when s’mores are involved). We’re talking about shoving the bed right onto the porch and falling asleep under the glow of stars and fireflies. It’s a whimsical, romantic, only-in-summer idea… And it made us think about all of the other things we relish during the season, like building beach bonfires, walking barefoot on the boardwalk, and ordering triple-scoop sundaes from the local ice cream joint.

Curious about how others spoil themselves between Memorial Day and Labor Day, we turned to some of our favorite style makers. Check some of their responses below. And be sure to come back soon; we'll be posting even more from a second batch from other interior designers, editors, and creative folks we admire.

“There’s nothing better than sharing a bottle of rosé while sitting outside in the garden in the late afternoon, with a bunch of friends, watching the sun set.”—Nina Freudenberger, Interior Designer and Founder, Haus Interior

“Although I'm a total urban dweller with no ability to keep a plant alive in the city, I love cutting the flowers in my Cape Cod garden and arranging them in dozens of vases all over the house. I get mosquito bites the minute I step outside, and bumps and welts when I brush against the bushes, but I persevere! I caught the last few peonies when we got here in June. Now, the roses are blooming; tons of white ones in the front, and a mix of colors—yellow, fuchsia, and coral—in the back. The daisies are going insane, as is the oregano, and my favorite, the hydrangeas, are starting to turn blue. They're not only filling my house; they're filling my Instagram feed, too!”—Marni Katz, Writer and Blogger at Stylecarrot

“So many great things about summer! I get to see fireflies lighting the way to my front door, go paddle boarding, eat watermelon, wear more jewelry (there’s more skin exposed to show it off) and less makeup, drink rosé, eat avocado (they’re in season right now), and make my favorite gazpacho.”— Andrea Linett, Creative Director, Brand Consultant, and Author of I Want To Be Her

“We get a lot of rain in the spring and summer in Washington, DC, where I live, and I seem to have amassed quite a collection of trendy, bold umbrellas. Using them brings a bright spot to an otherwise dreary day.”—David Mitchell, Interior Designer

“Outdoor dining is the best, whether on the screened porch, side patio, or back garden. Using fresh, local foods makes it even better.”—Kelley Proxmire, Interior Designer

“Last year, my husband and I really splurged on vacations to Bali and Peru. This summer, we're staying stateside, with trips to the up-and-coming wineries in northern Sonoma and then to Utah to visit Bryce and Zion National Parks.”—Bee Shapiro, New York Times Contributor