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Our Montreux pillows and comforters are designed to foster an outstanding sleep experience. Made using the highest quality duck down that is meticulously selected from the finest farms in France, Montreux delivers remarkable all-night comfort.

600 fill power European duck down

100% cotton percale shell


Deluxe goose down from Europe's highest quality farms fills our luxuriant Valletto pillows and comforters. Handcrafted with a minimum of 85% down, our Valletto line delivers excellent loft and warmth for building a truly elegant bed.

650 fill power European goose down

100% cotton sateen shell


Our Chalet comforters and pillows feature a minimum of 95% premium-quality goose down with 800 fillpower, sourced from Europe's finest farms for the ultimate in loft, warmth, and comfort.

800 fill power European goose down

100% Swiss cotton batiste shell


The extraordinary Edelweiss is the pride of our collection, as it will be in your home. Its fill is a minimum of 95% eiderdown, one of nature's most miraculous insulators, which adjusts continually to changes in body temperature and moisture.

Eiderdown fill

100% cotton batiste or 100% silk shell


Libero down-alternative pillows and comforters are handcrafted using a fine fiber that imitates the softness and warmth of down. Thinner and stronger than silk, this hypoallergenic, down-free fill adapts to body temperature ensuring a wonderful night of sleep and offering an unrivaled alternative to down.

Hypoallergenic polyester fill

100% cotton percale shell