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Since 2010, Dallas-based Molly Bernadette and her sister Sally have served up ideas on living a simple, beautiful life via their popular blog, A Piece of Toast. (They opted for “toast” over “cake” as the latter signified a charmed life and toast is “simple, beautiful and versatile”). With their signature sincere, warm voice, they reveal inspired ideas around design, style, beauty, travel and more. Molly invited us into her charming bedroom to share the things she can’t live without before hitting the pillow.


All photos by A Piece of Toast.

What’s on my nightstand (aka my bedside essentials)…

My iPhone (charging) and iPad (I know you’re not supposed to read/look at screens before bed but reading from this thing is my nightly ritual and I never have a problem falling asleep), some lip stuff (usually Lano balm) and a small bowl for my jewelry.

Pillows…a little or a lot? A lot! More is more when it comes to pillows!

I’d describe my bedroom style as…
Comfortable, crisp, and inviting. I love my home—especially my bedroom—to be neat. That includes a freshly made bed each morning. I also have two white labs (Moonbeam Blue and Rosebud) and where I go, they go, including the bed. Dogs in the bed usually mean a good amount of laundry for my linens. Thank goodness Matouk is so durable and just gets better with use!

The story behind my bed/headboard is…
Getting a king-sized bed was a major adult moment for me. I wanted a very simple bed so that my linens, art, and rug would stand out. I sometimes wish I had gone with a lighter color other than charcoal grey as my labs’ fur gets all over it!





My favorite bed styling trick…
I love hospital corners. It’s the way my mom taught me to make a bed and it has stuck with me. I like my sheets to feel nice and tight when I get in at night. I’m also amazing at folding fitted sheets! It’s my claim to fame in my family. It’s helpful for keeping a tidy linen closet.

What I sleep in...
A cotton nightgown, a t-shirt and pajama pants, or a matching pajama set. My pajama choices might vary, but I always go to sleep in a face that’s been washed and moisturized.

Can’t go to bed without…My dogs. They’re like living security blankets. I also need a little noise so I just bought a sound machine that I love!

Current bedtime read is…
I’m trying to read Pride and Prejudice right now, but admittedly, I’m having a hard time finishing it. I wish I could say otherwise, but the classics tend to make my mind wander. I’m starting The Paris Architect soon for my book club!

Favorite midnight snack is…
Popcorn, I keep the Trader Joe’s Organic Popcorn on hand for just such an occasion. I find it’s best to round it out with a bit of something chocolate.

Can’t wake up without…
My alarms. Plural. My bed is so comfortable that I would never get up (save for taking my dogs out) without some prodding.

What I love about my bedding is…The mix of my printed Cassidy sheets, Barcelona shams and the simple white and grey Salon duvet. These sheets just make me happy. (I‘m not sure I can ever have plain white sheets again.) And I love making the bed with a duvet and monogrammed shams. It’s such a crisp, classic feel!

I’d love to have some bedside chat with…
Besides my mom and sister Sally (we could talk for hours, staying up way past our bedtime), I would say Lena Dunham. I feel like she’s not judgmental and would be really kind to my dogs and have some fantastic things to talk about.


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