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Everything You Need to Know About Matouk Blankets

[Edited version - originally posted on October 7, 2016]

If you’re looking for cozy...we’ve got you covered. Matouk has always considered the blanket one of the most important, and delightful, layers to consider when creating your dream bed.

“We love blankets for the tactile, textural and decorative feelings they bring to the bedroom,” said Matouk CEO George Matouk Jr. “We see many blankets in the market as we visit our suppliers, shop in exciting stores, and stay in great hotels. But a Matouk blanket has to be unique and bring something special to our customers. And it also has to be made in an environment where we can trust both the manufacturing process and the harvesting process of the basic materials. Our product development team works patiently and perpetually to find the rare opportunities where these values intersect..” Here’s an overview of some of our favorites.


Add comfort without forgoing sophistication by adorning the bed with this handsome and lightweight waffle-patterned blanket, which comes in White, Linen, Silver or Ivory. Chatham is 100% cotton. 

Dream Modal

Our finest lightweight blanket is a versatile staple to the year-round bed. Unmatched in its softness and woven in Switzerland, its incredible breathability comes from a blend of cotton and modal.


Shop the Story

Dream Modal Blanket

$574.00 – $799.00
+2+6 colors

Chatham Blanket

$174.00 – $259.00
+3 colors