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Rise & Shine... with Designer Sara Gilbane

We’re dropping in on designers and tastemakers in their most personal (and stylish) spaces.

Interior designer Sara Gilbane’s bedroom is much like the rest of the charming Palm Beach home she designed for her family. That is, full of colorful pattern, texture and casual glamour. Starting her career at Celerie Kemble Interiors (another print pro), she struck out on her own in 2008, creating inviting, elegant homes alive with curated color. Gilbane launched her own line of furniture, fabric, and wallpaper in 2014.  A graduate of Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design, she’s been lauded in House Beautiful, domino, Elle Decor and The New York Times among others. 

When we dropped in recently, we got a peek not only at her sleep space but at a slew of colorful bedrooms in the home. Read on to see how to create a perfectly patterned bed look and about the things Sara can’t hit the pillow without.

My favorite bed styling trick… I love a fluffy duvet folded at the foot of the bed to keep everything looking clean and pulled together. I mix pattern to give the bed a more personal feel. A vintage quilt or blanket is always welcome as a bed cover to add an extra dose of punch.

I’d describe my bedroom style as…
Old world meets bohemian--a mix of color and pattern.

What’s on my nightstand…
Water, alarm clock, sound machine, body oil and lotion, and a stack of books.

Pillows…a little or a lot?
A lot! I love mixing patterns on pillows, so the more the merrier.

The story behind my bed/headboard…
I designed my headboard at home and it has a dramatic shape but scaled to be timeless.

What I sleep in...
Silk pajamas or one of my husband’s shirts.

Photo: Paul Costello for House Beautiful

Can’t go to bed without…
Kissing my kids!

Current bedtime read is…
I just finished “Swimming Lessons” by Claire Fuller.

Favorite midnight snack is…
I am sound asleep.

Can’t wake up without…
Some sort of caffeinated or matcha.

I’d love to have some bedside chat with…
Heart-to-heart chats in bed enable you to be much more free with your emotions.  The slightly lowered voices and face to face leads to some of the best conversations.

What I love about my bedding is… Matouk bedding is wonderfully soft and the color, pattern and textures are limitless!

Photo: Paul Costello for House Beautiful

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