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Undercover: Cashmere Throws

Our August throw.

What makes cashmere the ultimate cold-weather throw or blanket? Read to learn all about the enduring classic and warm up to our newest, most luxurious styles.

Our throws have always been about warmth, comfort, and style. This season, we maximized color, pattern, and texture more than ever before in the form of our 100% cashmere throws.

Brimming with delightful color, luxe details and lush textures, these are throws you’ll want to showcase around your entire home—from a living room to library to special nook that’s all your own.

Read on to learn the history of cashmere, the inspiration behind our newest collection, and which one of our luxe throws is right for you and your home.

The History...

Stunning mountains of Mongolia, where the Capra Hircus goat breed can be found, and whose hairs are used to make cashmere. Photo:

So where does cashmere come from and how does it get its name?

The fabric itself is made from the hairs of the Capra Hircus, a goat breed found in the Tibetan highlands, on the Himalayan mountain range and in parts of Mongolia. The hairs render a particularly fine wool that is soft and warm, protecting the animals from harsh winters where temperatures can reach -40° C. The hairs are first collected after the animals’ molting season or they can be carefully sheared. They are then cleaned and woven into threads.

Cashmere is softer, warmer, and stronger than traditional sheep’s wool. Though it is believed explorers discovered the wild goats as early as the thirteenth century, the fabric wasn’t embraced by Europeans and used in clothing and decor until as late as the 1800s.

The name Kashmir (later cashmere) refers to the region of India where the processing of the wool first developed as a result of the Silk Road.

The Inspiration…


Desert skies and graceful fading effect inspired our August throw. We love it layered at the end of a bed or over a sofa for a subtle pattern moment.

Looking to create a monochromatic, elegant style, our Cleo throw is a nod to classical basket weave patterns and elegant combed fringe. This cashmere throw is the most decadent in our collection.

With rich shades of ochre, jade and mulberry, color plays a big role in our Paley throw. The result is a reversible design that’s utterly versatile and eye-catching.

Our new Cleo throw.

The Construction…


All of our cashmere throws are made in Scotland. Our factory partner has a century and half of weaving expertise with the highest-skilled craftsman. Our styles use the finest Mongolian cashmere — noted for its supreme softness.

The Look

August in Evening.


Our August throw uses a gentle technique using specially-grown, natural brushes giving its generously oversized Mongolian cashmere a slight ombré effect.

You’ll Love August If…

  • You make your style statement in the subtlest of ways
  • You need for an oversize throw to accent a sofa or bed
  • You want to surround yourself with the colors of the desert




Once woven, our Cleo throw is washed using a special method that gives its appearance added loft and texture.

You’ll Love Cleo If…

  • You are looking for the ultimate in luxury for your home
  • You always opt for texture over any kind of dramatic pattern
  • In your opinion, there’s rarely ever too much fringe
Our Cleo throw.
Paley throws.



Woven from the finest Mongolian cashmere, the oversize Paley throw achieves its distinctive ripple effect with a gentle technique that uses traditional, natural brushes.

You’ll Love Paley If…

  • You seek, not shy away, from bold, saturated color
  • You aim for versatility when designing your spaces
  • You strongly believe in a ripple effect...for a throw

The Care…

We recommend that all of our 100% cashmere throws be cleaned by a trusted dry cleaner.




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