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Rise & Shine... with Designer Allison Allen

We’re dropping in on designers and tastemakers in their most personal (and stylish) spaces.

Known for her daring doses of color and penchant for alluring wallpaper, Allison Allen gives her client’s classic interiors in Atlanta (her hometown) great wit and verve. After spending her 20s in Manhattan, where she attended Parsons and trained under Ashley Whittaker Design and J.D. Bell Inc., Allen returned to the South in 2016 where her work got her noticed far beyond the Peach state, landing on House Beautiful’s Next Wave Designer list in 2017.

She describes her designs as classic with a youthful edge and it’s certainly apparent in her own home that she shares with her husband, Beau, and newborn son. Her master bedroom is a refined, restful retreat that diverges from the home’s mostly blue-and-white color palette. The centerpiece is a soaring canopy-inspired headboard that Allen created to balance the room’s tall windows on opposing walls. There’s lots more to learn about the space and her favorite bedtime essentials.

Here she invites us into her personal retreat and tell us what she can’t hit the pillow without.

All photos by Heidi Geldhauser.
I’d describe my bedroom style as… “Cozy, serene and timeless. I love color but think a bedroom should be soothing and tranquil.”

What’s on my nightstand… “A baby monitor, a silver bowl for my earrings, and a good pair of earplugs.”

Pillows…a little or a lot?

“A lot. ­ My husband says it takes ten minutes for him to get into bed at night! I think he secretly loves it.”

The story behind my bed/headboard…

"There is something so warm and inviting about a fabric canopy and upholstered headboard. After years of living in NYC and squeezing twin beds into closet-sized bedrooms, Atlanta's square footage feels positively luxurious. This bed takes up a lot of visual space without overpowering the room."

What I sleep in…

Sleepy Jones silk pajamas. I love sleeping in silk because you can move freely under the covers and it never gets too warm.”


My favorite bed styling trick… “A neckroll pillow in an unexpected fabric. I love mixing patterns and this is the perfect place to do it. It keeps things from looking too matchy­-matchy.”

Matouk luxury linens
What I love about my bedding is… “I love the Mirasol collection by Matouk because it is both classic and youthful. The applique details are perfection! Who doesn’t love a scalloped edge?”

Can’t go to bed without…

"My maltese, Henry. He gets so excited at bedtime because he knows he finally has mom's undivided attention."

Current bedtime read is…

"I'm currently reading Tina Brown’s Vanity Fair Diaries which is fabulous! If I’m in the mood for TV I can’t say no to anything on Bravo or The Crown."

Favorite midnight snack is…

"A big bowl of Cheerios with sliced bananas."

Can’t wake up without…

"An alarm clock and a strong cup of coffee. I have a two-month-old baby so sleep is precious!"

I’d love to have some bedside chat with…

"Andy Cohen, with a few martinis and lots of good gossip."

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Mirasol Sham

$108.00 – $248.00
+5+9 colors

Mirasol Duvet Cover

$1,125.00 – $1,197.00
+5+9 colors