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In the Bedroom...Minnette Jackson

For her former master bedroom, Jackson chose a color palette of “watery” blues to create a restful atmosphere. All bedroom images by Laurey Glenn.

The Houston designer cultivates restful elegance in a classic-meets-eclectic bedroom

When Minnette Jackson moved from NYC to Nashville with her husband nearly a decade ago,  she transformed a bland space into a light and bright home she describes as “classic with a twist.” That mix includes French antiques, contemporary art, and clever uses of color and pattern. A classicist at heart, Jackson imbues all of her interiors with a chic balance of old and new, refined and unexpected.

Designer Minnette Jackson. Photo by Leslee Mitchell.

Case in point, her former master bedroom, which is cast in shades of watery blue and boasts curvy lines, gilded accents, and eclectic art. Jackson was looking to create “a respite from the rest of the world where we could rest and recharge at the end of the day.” We say, mission accomplished.

Here, we asked the designer to revisit the space to reveal her secrets to creating a masterful and restorative sleep space.

If this bedroom had a name, what would it be?


"I would call this space, 'Classic Elegance' or 'Restful Elegance.'"


How did you land on this cool, elegant palette?


“I have always been drawn to blues and greens—colors of nature—because they are calming and restorative. Also, being a Southerner, I am always partial to interiors that feel cooler than the hot outdoors!”

The reading nook in Jackson’s master bedroom is the perfect spot to curl up with a great read.



There’s a lot of great, subtle texture here. Tell us how you found the balance?


"Texture is so important for creating depth in a room, especially when there is very little pattern. In this room, the wool rug is a nice foundation for the crisp cotton bedding and slubby silk drapery. It helps the room feel cozy, as well as polished and elegant."


There’s also small touches of pattern here. How did you use them for maximum effect?


"Outside of the rug, which we found together on a trip to Istanbul, there is minimal pattern and that is intentional. I look at so many visually stimulating things throughout the day, it’s nice to give the eyes a rest. The pattern that is present is very soft and subtle, and particularly in the case of the tiger silk velvet and the faux bois chenille on the bench, very luxurious.”

"Texture is so important for creating depth in a room, especially when there is very little pattern."

The bedroom’s elegant dresser seems to fade into the wall behind it, thanks to clever coloring. Jackson arranged an unexpected mix of art including an abstract work by Molly Ledbetter, a portrait by Minnette’s grandmother, and a nautical scene by Sam Barber, a family friend.


The artwork is so striking and unexpected here? How does that play a role here?


"We enjoy art and you can tell when you walk through our home. My grandmother was a portrait artist and my husband studied art history and business, so we have both have an affinity for it.  We try to let pieces we love tell us where they are happiest. The large abstract was done by a family friend as was the small painting of sailboats, and the portrait of the fabulous lady was done by my grandmother. We put them all together and decided not only were they happy made us happy to see them there.”

Any traditional bedroom design rules you like to follow or break?


"I don’t feel that there are many hard and fast rules anymore, but I will say it’s good to avoid being matchy-matchy. Avoid matching bedroom sets, and don’t be afraid to mix in an unexpected piece even if you favor traditional décor. A piece of modern art or a more contemporary light fixture can go a long way in keeping a room from feeling too stiff.”

The mix of antique and new; texture and sheen showcases Jackson’s belief that you should always avoid being too “matchy-matchy.”

Can you give us a few tips to keep in mind when trying to achieve this look?  

Play with Texture

"Don’t be afraid to mix a luxe material with a “rough” one as silk with wool.”

Calm with Color

"Stick with watery blues and soft greens.”


Keep it Simple

"Keep color palette and room fairly will end up with a more restful space."


Tell us about the Matouk bedding you used here...


"The Euro shams are from the Lorelei collection and the coverlet and king shams are Mayfair. I just love the scallop detail at the edge of the Lorelei bedding, and also love the easy-care washability of Matouk’s diamond pique bedding. Being able to customize the color of the tapes and stitching so I could mix and match the pieces from both collections worked perfectly to create a complete bedding scheme that is both pretty and practical. And the look is always crisp and fresh.”

"I just love the scallop detail at the edge of the Lorelei bedding, and also love the easy-care washability of Matouk’s diamond pique bedding...the look is always crisp and fresh."

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