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Edelweiss, our most extraordinary offering, is filled with a minimum of 95% eiderdown. Revered for its lightness and superior insulation qualities, our eiderdown is harvested by hand in an environmentally friendly manner from the abandoned nests of Icelandic female eider ducks. Luxuriously warm and soft, eiderdown provides exceptional insulation, but doesn't trap heat, thus offering maximum breathability and comfort. This exquisite material, available in either a cotton or silk shell, continuously adjusts to your body temperature throughout the night, providing an unparalleled sleep experience.

Edelweiss Cotton Pillow

Edelweiss Cotton Pillow - 3 Chamber

Edelweiss Silk Pillow

Edelweiss Silk Pillow - 3 Chamber

Edelweiss Cotton Comforter

Edelweiss Silk Comforter

Handcrafted in Liechtenstein

The Matouk Down Collection is made from carefully selected down from Europe’s finest farms. The entire process is DOWNPASS Certified, which ensures that all supply chains are traceable to the source and that only sustainable, ethical practices are in place.

A variety of firmnesses and weights

Our pillows and comforters are offered in a variety of firmnesses and weights and are designed to appeal to a wide range of sleeping styles and needs.

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