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Everything You Need to Know About the Matouk Down Collection

[Edited version - originally posted on October 13, 2016]

Perfecting your bed with the world’s finest linens has been our purpose at Matouk since 1929. Our Down Collection extends this passion and expertise to the pillows and comforters that lie at the core of your ultimate night’s sleep. We created this collection with an unparalleled dedication to luxury and comfort; every piece is crafted with the core values of excellent quality that guide everything we make.

Matouk proudly brings these duvets and pillows to you as the next step towards elevating your bedroom and home to be the ultimate haven, the space where you rest, recharge, and dream.

As a customer, you already have many options for down and down-free comforters and pillows and we know that this can be confusing. What distinguishes one from the next? Why exactly would one cost more than the other? What is inside of these duvets anyway? You’re going to bed with these should know what they are! We’re happy to help sort through the confusion with our curated Down FAQ.

What sets your down apart from other down?

The Matouk Down Collection was created with one uncompromising goal: It would be not just luxurious, but undisputedly the best in its class. We carefully selected our trusted European manufacturing partners knowing that they shared this goal, made evident by their relationships with the best European duck and goose down suppliers that provide the highest quality down available. We are able to trace the origin of every item in our Down Collection to the farms in Europe where the down is sourced. This is an extraordinary measure that assures our down is both of the highest quality and also that it is certified to be from humane suppliers.

The integrity of the partnerships we form, along with their manufacturing practices, are equally important to us. Our down manufacturing partner in Europe, Dorbena, like Matouk, is a family-owned company that aligns with our own core values and beliefs. Dorbena produces and manufactures our Down Collection in a facility with high environmental standards, including the use of solar energy, clean Alpine water, and biodegradable washing agents. All textiles and accessory components are certified as Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which ensures that no chemicals harmful to human health are used.


What is the difference between down and feathers?

Down is the soft, fluffy insulating layer under the feathers of waterfowl such as ducks and geese. Airy and light, down has tiny fibers that radiate out from its center (called a plumule). Down filaments form clusters that can trap air and easily absorb and release moisture, making down an extremely effective insulator. Feathers, which come in various sizes, have quills, which offer more support and elasticity, which is why feathers are mainly used in pillows. Unlike down, feathers do not have effective insulating properties.

Is duck down as luxurious as goose down?

While both duck and goose down can be of varying levels of quality, all of the down sourced for our Matouk Down Collection is of the highest quality available. In fact, the duck down we use, which is sourced from the finest farms in France, is higher quality than many goose downs on the market. We use premium duck down in our Montreux collection of pillows and comforters, an excellent entry point into the Matouk Down Collection.

How is your down harvested and cleaned?
 Is it eco-friendly?

Matouk and Dorbena, our down manufacturing partner in Europe, are committed to using down that is harvested in a sustainable, humane manner. All of the down used in Matouk’s Montreux, Valletto, and Chalet lines are a by-product of the food industry. For our made-to-order Edelweiss comforters and pillows, eiderdown is collected by hand from the abandoned nests of wild Icelandic eider ducks. The birds breed on protected sites, and harvesting does not disturb the nesting sites or the birds. After being collected, our eiderdown is cleaned without chemical additives.

As a member of the Swiss Bedding Manufacturer’s Association, Dorbena is legally committed to using down from European suppliers that never source from live-plucked or force-fed ducks and geese. Dorbena is also a member of Downpass, the industry leader in certifying that high quality down and feather fills are ethically harvested and come from a strictly controlled and traceable supply chain. The facility in which our Down Collection is produced is also committed to a healthful ecology. Fifty percent of the facility’s electrical power is supplied through solar energy, and only local Alpine mountain spring water is used in cleaning and processing the down. Furthermore, Dorbena uses only biodegradable detergents.

The facility in which our Down Collection is produced is also committed to a healthful ecology. Fifty percent of the facility’s electrical power is supplied through solar energy, and only local Alpine mountain spring water is used in cleaning and processing the down. Furthermore, Dorbena uses only biodegradable detergents.

By fully integrating production, Dorbena ensures the consistent delivery of high-quality, clean products that are good for you, your family, and the environment.



What does “fill power” mean?

The quality of down can vary significantly. Fill power measures the volume that one ounce of down takes up when it reaches its maximum expansion, also known as loft. A higher fill power means that a product contains a larger down cluster, which results in a lighter, loftier product and greater insulation value. For example, one ounce of 800 fill power goose down will expand to 800 cubic inches of loft. One ounce of 600 fill power down will loft to 600 cubic inches. High fill power is a good indication of high quality down. Fill power is different than fill weight, which measures only the heft of the down, but does not indicate the quality of its loft.


Which pillow firmness is right for my sleeping style?

Which pillow is right for you is a question of sleeping style and personal preference. The following guidelines can help determine which firmness will best suit you. Soft pillows are best for for stomach sleepers, while medium firmness pillows are excellent for those who sleep on their backs. Firm pillows are best suited for side sleepers, as they offer additional neck and head support.

Do you offer custom sizes?

Yes. Comforters are available in custom sizes and require 6–8 weeks lead time. Please contact our Customer Service department at for assistance. 

Compare each of our Down qualities using the guide below — and find the one that is best suited for you and your sleep style.

How should I care for down?

Properly caring for pillows and comforters will extend the life of your Down Collection products. High quality duvet covers, pillow protectors, and pillowcases or shams, such as those from the Matouk Collection, should always be used and will protect your comforters and pillows. Washing bed linens regularly will also help protect your Down Collection items.

We also recommend shaking out duvets after waking up each day, which helps any moisture absorbed while sleeping to evaporate more easily and will prolong the life of your duvet. Do not expose your Down Collection comforters and pillows to direct sunlight, and never beat comforters or pillows to fluff or freshen them, as this can damage the down inside.

Our Libero, Montreux, Valletto, and Chalet comforters and pillows can be machine washed in cold water on the gentle cycle in a front load washing machine. Never use bleach or fabric softener. Tumble dry on low heat. It is essential that duvets and pillows are dried completely after washing, which helps prevent the down from clumping and precludes any mold from growing, extending the life of your down bedding. The comforters and pillows in our Edelweiss line must be professionally cleaned. Please refer to our Down Collection page for detailed cleaning instructions.

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