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Living Well

How Interior Designers are Creating Their At Home Sanctuaries

We checked in with a few trusted and talented interior designers to see how they're making their homes as calming, restful, and productive a place as possible during this time. 


Explore below how these designers are rethinking their home spaces, and be sure to borrow their methods when creating your own personal sanctuary.

Design by Jenkins Interiors; photo by Nathan Schroeder. Shown are our Lowell linens.


"I set up my at-home-office in my sunroom which is a wall of windows to provide natural light, which I find essential when being creative, along with some soft music and of course my dogs at my feet..."

- Leslie Jenkins, owner and lead designer of Jenkins Interiors, Dallas, TX


"Living in New York City during such uncertain times has been stressful to say the least. To offset that, I am prioritizing a clean and tidy apartment; beds made, laundry and toys put away - so it can be our 'sanctuary', our safe-haven, despite all the uncertainty in the world outside."

- Tharon Anderson McEvoy, founder and director of Tharon Anderson Design, New York, NY

Design by Tharon Anderson McEvoy; photo by Read McKendree. Shown are our Portofino linens.
Design by Bear Hill Interiors; photo by Josh Gibson. Shown are our Piazza and Ansonia linens.

"I'm creating my at home sanctuary by catching up with friends, getting oudoors as much as possible, and honing my cooking skills..."

- Kevin Walsh, designer and owner of Bear Hill Interiors, Little Rock, AR

"The foundation of my sanctuary is a clean home. Once achieved, my tranquility comes from music playing, candles burning, and stealing quiet moments of solitude. (Not always easy in a house with two kids, two dogs, two chickens and one husband, but I try!)"

- Kristine Paige Kamenstein, principal designer of Jackson Paige Interiors, Los Angeles, CA

Design by Jackson Paige Interiors; photo by David A. Land. Shown are our Allegro and Nocturne linens.
Design and photo by Emily C. Butler. Shown are our Gordian Knot linens.

"My husband and I just moved into our newly renovated apartment a day before the shelter in place order went into effect. Given the unique circumstances, I'm using the time to carefully unpack and organize our new space. I love my home and while I don't prefer living in disarray, I feel confident that taking the time to create a place of refuge and restoration will be such an important form of self-care during these unprecendented and unsettling times."

- Emily C. Butler, interior designer and decorator of Studio Ziggy, New York, NY


“I have all of my lights on dimmers so I can create ambient light at night time; I have been lighting lots of candles and buying fresh flowers when I can.”

- Katie Gibson of Katie Gibson Interiors, Nashville, TN

Design by Katie Gibson Interiors; photo by Lindsay Stewart Photography. Shown are our Mirasol linens.
Design by Zoe Feldman; photo by Stacy Zarin Goldberg. Shown are our Essex linens and Orla throw.


“As our world practices social distancing and isolation, it is more important than ever to bring positivity to your situation. Though my two girls, both under 4, make it difficult to get work done at home, I am grateful for the time I am now getting to spend with them. Our sunroom now functions as a playroom and home office. That being said, as anyone with young children knows, nap-time yields the most productivity.”

- Zoë Feldman of Zoë Feldman Design, Washington D.C.

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