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Rise & Shine... with Designer Mark Sikes

We’re dropping in on designers and tastemakers in their most personal (and stylish) spaces.

Designer Mark Sikes creates the kind of lovely, layered rooms that have been lauded and lusted after throughout the blogosphere and Instagram universe. He masterfully mixes East Coast polish with West Coast ease for spaces that feel finished but never fussy. Based in L.A., Sikes has clients on both coasts (and around the globe) and a successful line of products from rugs to furniture to fabric—many of which boast his beloved blue and white stripes. In his spare time, Sikes shares his design musings (and muses) on his popular blog.

Mark graciously invited us into his Hollywood Hills home to take a peek at his gorgeous sleep space and reveals things that help him unwind and wake up.

All images by Amy Neunsinger.
I’d describe my bedroom style as…Serene, comfortable, and beautiful.

Pillows…a little or a lot? A lot. They just keep piling up!

The story behind my bed/headboard is…
This bed is all about the canopy. In this room, I designed an iron grid that suspends from the ceiling for the fabric to hang from. My hope was that it would look like the canopy is floating.

My favorite bed styling tip/trick…Unless sheets are properly pressed, I have found that a custom coverlet is the most forgiving way to make a bed. The coverlet is a light layer that is made of one of the fabrics I have used in the room. I’ll often use a different fabric like a stripe on the reverse and I finish the edges with a cord. This makes the bed look finished and taut, versus rumpled and wrinkled.





What’s on my nightstand…
My new eyeglasses so I can see the TV, a glass of water, fresh cut flowers, and my iPhone charger.

What I sleep in…
I wear boxers and a pajama top. I also always wear socks because my feet get cold.

Can’t go to bed without…
A melatonin.

Current bedtime read is…
It’s usually my email and my Instagram feed.  I’ll also read a new coffee table book. I’m looking forward to this new Bunny Melon book.

Favorite midnight snack is…
Grapes and string cheese.

Can’t wake up without…
Several ice teas.

What I love about Matouk bedding...The quality, the details, and the comfort. Matouk Linens are very pretty but also practical.

I’d love to have some bedside chat with… 
Jackie Kennedy. Wouldn’t you?

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