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Blogger Lemon Stripes Test Drives our New Interactive Bedding Design Tool

Blogger Lemon Stripes Test Drives our New Interactive Bedding Design Tool

Blogger Julia Dzafic of Lemon Stripes used our new interactive design tool to choose bedding for her master bedroom. The final result--a beautiful combination of Cove, Madison, and Marlowe--can be seen here. (Images provided courtesy of Lemon Stripes.)

For a refreshing spritz of clean and colorful fashion, design, and fresh-from-the-farmers’-market food, look not further than Lemon Stripes. Blogger Julia Dzafic launched her site five years ago, and has since grown it into a powerhouse publication—a major source of inspiration (and influence!) for Millennials who, in an earlier time, would have sat on the front porch studying Town & Country with a glass of rosé in-hand. (Incidentally, Julia, who moved from Manhattan to Connecticut last year, just authored a guide to the area for the storied magazine.)

We love Lemon Stripes for its cheerful, modern-country-club aesthetic, not to mention Julia’s unabashed love of blue-and-white everything, white denim, fresh flowers, and endless stripes.

Given Julia’s enviably chic eye for design, we could think of no one better to test-drive uMatouk, our new interactive digital tool that allows customers to visualize how different Matouk bedding styles and colors coordinate on a virtual bed. “Originally we launched uMatouk to help our retailers better assist their customers,” says Meg Woodhouse, Communications Manager at Matouk. “For many customers, composing a bed and seeing how all the pieces work together is really challenging. uMatouk gives consumers so much more confidence because they can see exactly what they are getting. We decided that the visualization aspect is so valuable that we carried it over to our website as well so customers can use it directly—not just in retail stores.”

Julia hit uMatouk running, and was quickly drawn to a combination of our Cove, Madison, and Marlowe styles, all in a blue called Ocean. (You can see her full order at the bottom of this post.) Check out her gorgeous photos, along with her answers to a few questions from us, below, as well. And check her posts on Lemon Stripes and Instagram about her collaboration with Matouk.

Beautiful Blue Bedding

Your site covers fashion, design and healthy living. How would you describe the Lemon Stripes lifestyle? 
The overarching theme in my design, style, and even the food I eat is clean and bright. I mean that literally in the way that it looks, but also in the way that it makes me feel. In my recipes, I use fresh ingredients that nourish my body; in my fashion choices, I tend to wear bright colors in clean silhouettes; and in design, I like to keep everything bright and clean so that when I walk into a room I feel happier and lighter.

You moved into a new apartment in Connecticut less than a year ago. It's so much fun to start fresh with a new space. How did you approach the design?
I was a little overwhelmed with all of the space we have in our new home, as opposed to the tiny apartment that my husband and I shared in NYC. My approach to decorating my home is inspired by bright colors, light spaces, and clean lines. I keep it full of decor that I collect from around the world, but tie it together with preppy staples like my custom navy-and-white striped club chair. So in a word (or two), preppy-chic is what I'm going for. I’m so happy with how our new home is turning out so far!

What about the bedroom, specifically? What was important to you there?
Because I have struggled with insomnia my whole life, making my bedroom a comfortable, perfect space is incredibly important to me. I focus on creating a space that is calm, inviting, and simple without too much going on. I have always designed my bedroom in blue and white—calming colors. It was no different this time around!

You used uMatouk to put together the Matouk bedding you chose. How was your experience using the tool?
It was by far the most fun I’ve ever had shopping online for décor. Sometimes it’s hard for me to picture the final product, and I have to order a few options and test them out. With the Matouk tool, I could see how my final bed would look and was able to play around with it until the look was exactly what I wanted.

Matouk Bedding

Pretty Summer Bedding


You were immediately drawn to combo of Madison, Cove and Marlowe. What did you like about the look for your space? 
Let me start off by saying that I could have chosen anything from Matouk and been happy. It’s all so beautiful, and it was hard to narrow my choices down. I started by picking Madison for my duvet cover and shams. I loved the beautiful Ocean blue color and the summery pattern that I knew would make me feel like I was at a chic beach house. I knew that I wanted white euro shams and Marlowe matched so perfectly with Madison that it was a no-brainer for the euro shams and the boudoir pillow. I love to mix patterns, so I looked through the patterned sheet sets until I found Cove. It’s a subtle pattern that pairs well with Madison. It gives the look some texture, but still feels calm and serene. I love how when it all came together it had that beach house look I was going for but, it was pulled-together enough for everyday use. I absolutely adore it!

When it comes to putting together a master bedroom—linens, hard goods, color scheme, etc.—any rules you live by? Or perhaps something you avoid? 
I stick to my blue-and-white theme and always avoid too many colors and patterns. I also avoid clutter. I want my bedroom to always feel open and inviting without a bunch of unnecessary stuff blocking the energy. And I always keep fresh pink flowers on my nightstand. I’m all about the good bedroom feng shui!

Pink Roses

Julia always decorates her bedroom in blue and white--and she always keeps pink flowers by her bedside.

You have a passionate reader base. How (if at all) do their reactions encourage your design?
I adore my readers because they keep me motivated to keep doing what I do. Their reactions definitely help dictate my fashion choices (I want to give the people what they want!). But when it comes to décor, I don’t let anyone else sway my design. Coming home to a beautiful, comfortable home that is 100 percent me is a huge priority for me.

Can you point to any one design post, in particular, that really struck a chord with your readers?
My first décor post—a spring bedroom redesign in my tiny Manhattan apartment. I think my readers loved how bright and cheerful a small room could look!

Read in Bed

Our Soledad throw plus a good book equals a perfect night of reading in bed.

You post quite a bit about life in Connecticut. Has geography influenced the decor of your place?
100 percent. I’ve always been a fan of nautical décor, but living in Connecticut has taken that to the next level. Every room in my home is blue and white, and I think that has a lot to do with where I live.

Your readers have been treated to virtual tours of almost every part of your gorgeous apartment! Can you give us a sneak preview of what's next in the decor world for Lemon Stripes?
My husband and I are hoping to buy a house in the next two years, so that will be another fun and exciting décor adventure for me. I will have a lot more room to work with and can’t wait to concept a home office and a real dining room! Also, we’re talking about having kids in the next few years, and I could not be more excited to decorate a nursery.

Love the look of Julia’s bed? So do we! Here’s what she pulled together using uMatouk, our new digital tool.


A screenshot of the bed Julia put together using our uMatouk tool.

King Coverlet
Style: Jasper
Color: White

King Sheet Set—1 Flat, 1 Fitted, 2 Cases
Style: Cove
Color: Ocean

King Duvet Cover & 2 King Shams
Style: Madison
Color: Ocean

2 Euro Shams
Style: Marlowe
Color: Ocean

1 Boudoir Sham
Style: Marlowe
Color: Ocean

1 Throw
Style: Soledad
Color: Ivory