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6 Décor Trends We’re Falling For This Season

6 Décor Trends We’re Falling For This Season

Mantle styled by Kate Patterson is quirky yet classic. 

The coming year in design is marking a turn away from neutrals and all white interiors in favor of saturated color, moody kitchens, a mix of metallics, and an appreciation for art. Let’s take a look at six trends we’re loving right now.

Distinctive artwork and accessories chosen by Kate Patterson reflect the homeowner’s personality.

Individual Style

“The coming year will be all about personality,” says interior designer Kate Patterson. “No more match-y match-y, bland hotel interiors. In 2016 we’ll see layers of patterns, textures, and materials, with an infusion of humor and quirkiness. Individual style, interests, and tastes will reign.” As for designers who pull off this look right now Paterson cites Ryan Korban and Liquid Design & Architecture in Miami.

Heather Vaughan uses glamorous touches in this feminine living room. Photo by Greg Premru.

Resurgence of Glam

Interior designer Heather Vaughn says, “Coming out of an economic downturn, clients want their homes to be more refined, more glamorous. It’s not in-your-face design, but elements are more obvious. Brass, Lucite, glass, mohair, and agate are just some of the fabulous materials being used in today’s designs.” Elizabeth Pruett Herbert of Fringed Benefits Designs concurs, “Everyone suddenly wants mirrored walls!” 

Kate Patterson goes for black and white punctuated by pops of color while a chocolate and gold powder room designed by Julie Rootes showcases shots of metallic with plenty of pattern and texture. Photo by Christopher Stark Photography.

Unexpected Color Combinations

Patterson forsees lots of black and white with pops of color. “It’s a classic combination that works in any style—Hollywood glam, bohemian nomad, or Paris apartment.” Joshua Bogart from textile and rug firm Merida predicts chocolate and brass will be a popular pairing. Kate Maloney Albiani goes a step further, noting that cool color combinations are especially prevalent in tech-inspired shapes. Vaughan asserts that it’s not just about the color, but the intensity, saying “Pops of color saturated textiles are definitely a fresh take on a space.”

Kate Patterson and Kate Maloney have both recently designed kitchens with moody blue and grey cabinetry. Photo by Sean Litchfield.

Dark Kitchens

We’re seeing a shift of color in the kitchen too. Moody tones are no longer only popular in the library. For kitchens, we’ve seen a move from white to gray to navy and even black. Vaughan recently designed a black and indigo kitchen that’s indicative of current tastes. For more ideas on decorating with grey, be it in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or beyond, see our Shades of Grey board on Pinterest.

Kate Patterson is not shy when it comes to mixing brass with silver and chrome. 

Mixing Metals

Hardware trending towards alternative metals like copper and rose gold. Mixing metals is big too. Vaughan says, “Warmer metals like brass are influencing all areas of design from furniture to illuminated ceilings, to the faucets and pulls in the kitchen. For those of you who invested heavily in chrome and nickel, it’s okay to mix!”

Kristen Rivoli incorporates stand out artwork in every room. Photo by Greg Premru.

Statement Artwork

With online art sites and Pinterest boards touting picture wall arrangements at every scroll, it’s gotten easier and easier for homeowners to adorn their walls. Laurence Powers of Powers Gallery finds that many more designers are incorporating artwork to complete their vision. Vaughan is one such design who is integrating statement art into her designs and is seeing an increased interested in artwork. She says, “More and more of my clients are building their collections. We have a lot of clients coming to us with amazing art that they want us to feature in their home.”

Vaughan says the same. “Artwork is no longer a subtle back drop or afterthought accessory. It’s an integral part of the design and is becoming a primary consideration.” David Webster at Webster & Company in the Boston Design Center, who has always shown art with the showroom’s high end furnishings, is amping up the showroom’s art offerings this season, focusing on bold abstracts by emerging local artists along with distinctive photography.