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Our favorite part of the original Lucky magazine was always the Letter from the Editor. Rife with wit, grit, humor and smarts, founding editor in chief Kim France’s one-of-a-kind voice set the tone for the magazine we most looked forward to reading every month… for 10 years straight.

So when Kim founded her blog—Girls of a Certain Age—in 2011, we (and countless others) leapt at the chance to read her daily. From fashion to beauty to art to must-reads on the web, she consistently turned up just the thing we (didn’t even know we) needed. And she’s been doing it ever since.

If you, like us, can’t get enough of Kim France, you’ll want to read on for the 10 Holiday Essentials that are getting her through this season.


Clockwise from top left: Kim stockpiles Christian Lacroix notebooks—and at about $20 each, they’re the perfect thing for a holiday gift exchange or secret Santa (1, below). A diamond star necklace by Rosa de la Cruz tops Kim’s personal holiday wish list (2, below). This bare-shouldered Tibi top is the foundation of Kim’s holiday party look (3, below). VB Rouge Crème lipstick by VB Beauty makes a gorgeous red lip to go with it (4, below). When Kim featured these Nike sneaker booties on her site, they practically sold out in stores—a useful and hip holiday present (5, below). Kim has a bottle of Rock.Face.Syrah at the ready when she needs a foolproof hostess gift (6, below).


1. You're going to a holiday gift exchange with your girlfriends. All gifts must be $25 and under. What are you bringing?
One of Christian Lacroix’s fantastic notebooks, which have the most wonderful prints on both the inside and outside covers and are just beautifully made—I stockpile them!

2. If Santa wants to be really good to you this year, you'll be getting this under the proverbial tree…
A Rosa de la Cruz diamond star necklace.

3. Your perfect holiday party look?
I like to think in terms of party tops instead of party dresses. Tops are so much more versatile: you can pair them with jeans or a skirt or skinny black trousers, depending on the fanciness of the party you’re dressing for on any particular night. My philosophy is that the ideal party top should be just a touch sexier or louder than you usually go. I just bought this bare-shouldered Tibi top—I love it because most blouses of this type are flouncy, but this is nice and tailored-looking. I can’t wait to wear it.

4. And the beauty essential to go with it?
Holiday parties call for a red lip, and this is the perfect, perfect red.

5. You've written quite a bit on your blog about shopping for the holidays, great deals, etc. What item that you've featured has been the biggest hit with your readers?
There have been a few big hits, but the one that most surprised was the Nike Roshe Run Sneaker Bootie. They’re literally a sneaker/bootie hybrid—I have some and wear them every morning to walk the dog, and they’re cushy and lined and warm and possibly the most comfortable footwear ever. Not the most fashionable things, but cute in what I called a “techno-Minnetonka” way. The readers bought so many they sold them out in many sizes on Net a Porter.

6. The foolproof hostess gift you have stashed in your closet for a last-minute fête?
A bottle of Rock.Face Syrah. The fantastic graphic design of the label makes the whole bottle look like it was just meant to be given as a gift, and according to the guys at my local hipster wine shop, this is a very happening Northern California vineyard.

7. No holiday soundtrack would be complete without…
All I have to do is hear a few notes of Mariah Carey’s version of “All I want For Christmas is You” and I’m singing it for the rest of the day.

8. When you finally have a chance to kick back and relax this season, this will definitely be by your side…
My dog, Sammy!

9. We love the Print of the Week feature on your site. Pick one you'd most like to receive for the holidays.
I would not be one bit disappointed to find a duvet cover in Matouk’s Lulu DK Arco print in Silver under the tree.

10. You've won a free trip to anywhere for New Year's! Where are you going and what's one thing you are definitely bringing with you?
Oh, definitely somewhere I get to pretend it’s not New Year’s at all! Bora Bora sounds suitably exotic. And I’ll (theoretically) be bringing my Macbook Air… Because it’s like a limb at this point.