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Throughout most of style history, the monogram has been the pinnacle of personalization.

Monograms are technically defined as the combination of two or more letters to form a symbol—a personal logo of sorts. Though for our purposes, the more conventional meaning—which would also include a series of uncombined letters, a single letter, or even a name—will do.In the Victorian era, monograms were a way for wealthy aristocrats to mark household goods like table linens and cutlery. Centuries later, the tradition remains perennial, even as trends in the specific look and nature of monograms have evolved over time.

Monogramming has been a part of the tradition at Matouk since day one. At Matouk, monograms come in one of two styles: embroidered or applique. Embroidery monograms are done using thread stitched directly onto a fabric. Applique is a decorative sewing technique that incorporates thread or yarn. For applique monograms, fabric cut into letters is placed on the item and sewn down with a hand-guided embroidery machine.

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Our retail partners—over 100 boutiques and specialty stores around the country—are experts in the art of linens, they can show and explain the infinite options available, and will help guarantee that the style, size, color, and embroidery or appliqué placement of your linens come together for the exact custom look you want. Please contact a Matouk retailer for more information on any of our personalization programs.