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Living Well

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

We’ve asked artists, authors, and creatives whose taste we admire to share their holiday gift plans for family and friends, including products from Matouk and beyond. With ideas for parents, siblings, significant others, and more, look no further than this guide for the ultimate in gift inspiration.

Cynthia Talmadge, Artist, New York City

Artist Cynthia Talmadge.


For my fiancé, Kevin... 


"New Mirasol towels and matching shower curtain because we are long overdue for a bath linen update! We are both artists and designed our bathroom renovation together but never got around to replacing the dingy old towels so I think he would appreciate this finishing touch. He also loves the coconut cake that I bake so maybe that too."


For my best friend, Adam...


"Scallop placemats and napkins in Sapphire. Adam is an interior designer and he recently moved into a new apartment. He always has the best dinner parties so I know he will get good use out of these. I would also get him some candles from Cereria Subira in Barcelona, a store that has only made candles since 1761; they make every single shape and color of candle under the sun and they are really reasonably priced."


Our customizable Carta Guest Towels.
Our cashmere Paley throw is available in a wide range of colors.

For my gallerist, Ellie...


"I would gift Ellie a set of Carta guest towels for the bathroom at her gallery, 56 HENRY. Ellie loves a good monogram and I think these would be a really perfect Upper East Side moment in her Chinatown space."


For my sister, Claire...


"I would get Claire the Paley throw in Bone and Parchment because no one deserves to be swaddled in the finest Mongolian Cashmere more than her. She works incredibly hard and takes great care of her little sister (me!) She lives in California and I feel like throws are nice for the cooler evenings there."

Dhiran Mistry, Hair Stylist at David Mallett Salon, Soho, NYC


For my mother...


"She resides in London where the nights get really chilly. She loves to lounge on the couch and read or watch tv, and the Agnes throw is the perfect weight and texture to cuddle up with."


For my mother-in-law...


"My mother-in-law loves to cook and is always entertaining for our large family. Setting the table for loved ones to gather is a special time around the holidays, so I would get her a set of Calypso napkins. A lot of time is spent at the table."


For my sister...


"My sister recently moved and is expecting a baby next year, so I want to upgrade her sleeping pillows and gift her the Libero down-alternative pillows to make sure she is extra comfortable. I'd also send her a Milk Bar cookie tin - they don't have a Milk Bar in London and she has a major sweet tooth."

Dhiran Mistry, Hair Stylist at David Mallett Salon in Soho, NYC.
Swiss lace surrounds Talita, our Giza Egyptian cotton sateen, to create Grace - a timeless, delicate style.

For my wife...


"She loves an all-white bed and can never have too many sets. A Matouk Grace duvet cover and shams on the Talita sateen would be perfect. Talita sateen has become a favorite in our household, it is so lightweight and sleeps so great for both of us. I get hot, she gets cold - and this fabric is perfect! I'm also always restocking her favorite scent as a gift, La Labo Cedre 11, and I get the label personalized with this message: River's House (our son's name)."

For my son...


"With a now very active toddler in the house, we treasure the moments he will settle and actually snuggle with us. A Dream Modal blanket is beyond perfect for this; it feels like cashmere but we can throw it in the washing machine to take care of the milk spills. I am also always trying to grow his sneaker collection, so anything from Kith is a must-have."


Margot Shaw, Editor-In-Chief of Flower Magazine, Birmingham, Alabama

Margot Shaw, editor-in-chief of Flower Magazine.

For my husband...


"I love to give the gift of comfort and joy at Christmastime, so I’m giving my husband a Cairo robe. I will have it monogrammed, because that makes it more personal. I’m picking the White with Sea trim. This item checks all my boxes!"

"Since my husband is such an outdoorsman, I’m selecting a Tom Beckbe Tensaw jacket in the hardwood colored oilcloth with a wheat cord collar. The lining is hand-died with Alabama red clay (our home state.) It will be his favorite."


For my daughter...


"My daughter is decorating a new home and I know she would faint over a set of Matouk bed linens, so I’ll be making her dreams come true with a set of Gordian Knot bedding in blue. The knots are graphic but soft (perfect for a Millennial daughter) and have a bit of a floral vibe to them."

"Jewelry is always a hit with my daughter, so this holiday season I’m giving her her first pair of Elizabeth Locke gold hoops. Then every Christmas from now on I can give her a new pair of charms to wear with them. Music is also one of my daughter's great loves and she is fond of vinyl, so I’ve located a vintage Miles Davis album that I think will send her."

Our classic, cozy Cairo robe in Sea.
Our Gordian Knot bed linens make a beautiful statement.

For my son-in-law...


"My daughter’s husband loves the water – fishing, sailing, rowing, you name it. Since the last time I visited, they had cotton dish towels in the powder room, I’m giving him the Atoll guest towels in Linen. They’re nautical and chic. He AND my daughter will be happy with them."

"My son-in-law also loves to cook and entertain so I’m giving him Alex Hitz’s new book, The Art of the Host. Inside are scrumptious recipes that will delight him, my daughter, and their guests. Plus, he’ll enjoy the family tales that grace every chapter."

For my best friend...


"My dearest friend is a top-flight hostess and she is a fan of neutrals. I’m giving her the Matouk Mirasol tablecloth in Silver. She’s elegant but tailored. I think this will suit!"

"And of course, along with her passion for entertaining comes a love of flower arranging, so I’m, including a spiral glass vase from William Yeoward’s Country collection. It’s what I call neo-traditional in that it’s footed and flared but has a modern swirl pattern. I think it’s her."

Dara Caponigro, Creative Director of Schumacher, New York City


Dara Caponigro, Creative Director of Schumacher. Photo by Francesco Lagnese.


For my mother...


"August throw in Dune; my mom is a warm color person who has the best taste ever. This Mongolian cashmere throw is perfect for her because it’s luxe and so stylish with its subtle earth-tone ombré."


For my daughter...


"Chelsea tissue box cover in Canvas; I’m putting this in my daughter’s Christmas stocking for her new apartment – it’s so simple but has plenty of panache!"


For my husband...


"Matteo robe in any color; it's classic without being frumpy. Matteo meet my husband, David! You’re going to be great friends!"

The lightweight, cozy Matteo bath robe in Sea and Bark.


For my friends...


"Aveiro beach towels; I’m going to give one of each color for a photographer friend of mine who just finished renovating a beach cottage. He’s half French and will love the chic stripes and lovely fringe!"

"Mirasol placemats in Champagne; For my friend, Elizabeth who takes setting the table to an art form. She will appreciate these for their beautiful shape and incredible craftsmanship and for the fact that they’ll make you feel like you’re dining in an exquisite restaurant on the Italian riviera."


For my dogs...


"Every year, I put something for my dogs under the tree, too. I recently discovered, a rescue organization that sells cool pet accessories in order to raise money for their mission. This year Vicky is getting a new buffalo plaid collar, which will look so adorable with her camel coat. Sacha will look smashing in this orange, waxed-cotton collar that will complement her brown curls."

Our Mirasol table linens in Champagne.

Kyle Marshall, author and creative director of Bunny Williams Home, New York City

Kyle Marshall is the creative director for Bunny Williams Home. His book Americana: Farmhouses and Manors of Long Island was recently published by Schiffer Publishing (Fall 2019). Photo by Matt Smoak.

For my dad...


"For my dad, an exacting surfer, I'd give a Bondi beach towel (in Parakeet) for drying off before heading to work. He line dries his surfing towels and this one would look charming blowing about in the breeze. And a Bunny Williams Home Dots lamp for his desk to illuminate all of his carefully, methodically annotated notebooks."


For my mom...


"For my mom, the doyenne of our beach, an Amado beach blanket in Red to rest upon after swimming (and to corral her growing brood of grandchildren on). Also, two dozen Cire Trudon Madeleine taper candles for late dinners on the porch."


For my partner...


"For my partner, a beautiful artist, a Kiran robe in Anthracite. And a weekend Landmark Trust booking in which to use it, perhaps The Bath House, an eighteenth century folly: its main room is adorned with beautiful shells, beneath which is a refreshing plunge pool."

Our Bondi beach towel in Parakeet and Riviera.
Our lightweight, soft Kiran robes in Anthracite, Pool, Silver, and White.

For my best friend...


"For my good friend, a cultured aesthete who enjoys the sumptuous, eight Cairo scalloped bath towels with white piping. She has beautiful taste and a handsome pile of these would suit her bathroom. Plus a signed copy of my book, Americana: Farmhouses and Manors of Long Island, for her library."


For my siblings...


"For my hardworking brothers, sister and my oldest friend, our honorary fifth sibling, all of who should be more sybaritic: Libero comforters to wrap around themselves and their loved ones. And a case of Pol Roger for each. I'd enjoy the same."

Sarah Flint, Founder, CEO, and Designer of eponymous shoe brand, Sarah Flint



For my sisters...


"My sisters are some of the hardest working people I know and rarely have the time to pamper themselves the way they deserve. A lush Cairo robe will hopefully encourage them to take some "me-time." The blue piping and monogram details add the perfect, personal touch!"


For my best friend...


"My best friend and I love to have a girls' night in so the Agnes cashmere blend throw is the perfect luxe yet practical gift for her. I'm having a hard time choosing between the three colors since they are all so beautiful. I may need to order one for myself, too!"

Sarah Flint, founder, CEO, and designer at her eponymous shoe company - Sarah Flint.
Our Virginia linens with hand-placed Swiss lace detailing.


For my new apartment...


"My fiancé and I just moved into our new home and the Virginia bedding set is at the top of my wish list for our bedroom. The lace detail is something out of my Jane Austen dreams!"

And a few gifts idea for you, from you.


From Margot Shaw...


"I am fond of coincidence and connection, so, I’m going to treat myself with tablecloth in the Margot pattern from Matouk. It’s crisp, floral (which of course I must have) plus, there’s the name…I’m going to pair it with some new Christian Tortu ceramic botanical tableware in the black matte finish - from Costa Nova. Merry Christmas to me!"


From Dara Caponigro...


"Oberlin sheets in a neutral...Sometimes you have to treat yourself, too! And nothing starts off the new year better than a set of crisp, new sheets! Matouk’s Oberlin bedding is tailored but refined and just right for my bedroom."


From Cynthia Talmadge...


"I recently put up vintage 1970's cream and beige wallpaper in our bedroom and I think a set of lacey Virginia bedding in Bone & Ivory would complete the Italian granny look I'm going for. I would also buy myself a Leo Rosa Cardigan so that I can wear this look out too!" 

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