Calypso in Stone, Opal, White/Lake, White/Sky, Ivory, Silver and White.

Tonal sophistication and intricate handiwork come together in the Calypso collection. Made from the same fabric as Chamant – an easy care blend with the classic beauty of pure linen – Calypso features a playful shell stitch edge. Available in white or solid color linen, trimmed with an embroidered edge detail, Calypso adds spirit and charm to the table.

Shop the look


Shop the Look

Calypso in White/Lake, White/Sky, Ivory, Silver, White, White/Charcoal and White/Silver.

Calypso Tablecloth

70 in W x 90 in L Oblong

Calypso Napkin - set of 4

22 in W x 22 in L

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