Holiday Gift Guide

We’ve asked artists, authors, and creatives whose taste we admire to share their holiday gift plans for family and friends, including products from Matouk and beyond. With ideas for parents, siblings, significant others, and more, look no further than this guide for the ultimate in gift inspiration.

Significant Other

Here’s to the one whose tastes you know almost as well as your own. These great suggestions will help you pamper your partner or find the perfect gift the two of you can enjoy together.

Virginia Bedding

"My fiancé and I just moved into our new home and the Virginia bedding set is at the top of my wish list for our bedroom.", Sarah Flint

Matteo Robe

"It's classic without being frumpy. Matteo meet my husband, David! You’re going to be great friends!", Dara Caponigro


Available in 4 colors

(photo credit: William Hereford)

"Since my husband is such an outdoorsman, I’m selecting a Tom Beckbe Tensaw will be his favorite.", Margot Shaw

Kiran Robe

"For my partner, a beautiful artist, a Kiran robe in Anthracite.", Kyle Marshall


For all they’ve given you throughout your life, your parents deserve gifts of quality and comfort. We love this collection of beautiful items they can use every day.

August Throw

"My mom is a warm color person who has the best taste ever. This Mongolian cashmere throw is perfect for her because it’s luxe and so stylish.", Dara Caponigro

Amado Beach Towel

"For my mom, the doyenne of our beach, an Amado beach blanket in red to rest upon after swimming (and to corral her growing brood of grandchildren on).", Kyle Marshall

"For my dad's desk, a Bunny Williams Home Dots Lamp to illuminate all of his carefully, methodically annotated notebooks.", Kyle Marshall

Calypso Table Linens

"My mother-in-law loves to cook and is always entertaining for our large family. Setting the table for loved ones to gather is a special time around the holidays.", Dhiran Mistry


Here are some ways to delight your siblings with comforts that may be missing from their busy lives, from cozy throws and personalized robes to tasty treats from far away.

Paley Throw

"Because no one deserves to be swaddled in the finest Mongolian Cashmere more than her.", Cynthia Talmadge

Cairo Robe

"My sisters rarely have the time to pamper themselves the way they deserve. A lush Cairo robe will hopefully encourage them to take some "me-time.", Sarah Flint

Libero Pillows

"My sister recently moved and is expecting a baby next year, so I want to upgrade her sleeping pillows to make sure she is extra comfortable.", Dhiran Mistry

Milk Bar Cookie Tin

"They don't have a Milk Bar in London and my sister has a major sweet tooth", Dhiran Mistry


These ideas from our creative friends include gifts that help a grown child turn their house into a home or that keep a little one snug and happy.

Atoll Guest Towels

"My son-in-law loves the water – fishing, sailing, rowing, you name it. I’m giving him the Atoll guest towels in Linen. They’re nautical and chic.", Margot Shaw

"Jewelry is always a hit with my daughter, so this holiday season I’m giving her her first pair of Elizabeth Locke gold hoops.", Margot Shaw


Available in 5 colors

Chelsea Tissue Box Cover

"I’m putting this in my daughter’s Christmas stocking for her new apartment – it’s so simple but has plenty of panache!", Dara Caponigro

Dream Modal Blanket

"With a now very active toddler in the house, we treasure the moments he will settle and actually snuggle with us. A Dream Modal blanket is beyond perfect for this.", Dhiran Mistry


For your dearest friends, consider gifts that make their homes even more beautiful and every gathering more elegant. And don’t forget to add a thoughtful monogram.

Cairo Scallop Towels

"For my good friend, she has beautiful taste and a handsome pile of these would suit her bathroom.", Kyle Marshall

"For my friend's library, a signed copy of my book, Americana: Farmhouses and Manors of Long Island.", Kyle Marshall

Carta Guest Towels

"For my gallerist, Ellie, who loves a good monogram. I think these would be a really perfect Upper East Side moment in her Chinatown space.", Cynthia Talmadge

Aveiro Beach Towel

"I’m going to give one of each color for a photographer friend of mine who just finished renovating a beach cottage.", Dara Caponigro


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