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Undercover: Milano Hemstitch and Ceylon Satin Stitch

Our new Milano Hemstitch style.
Our new Ceylon Satin Stitch style.

The History…


Introduced over 10 years ago, Ceylon’s 520 thread count cotton percale, which is woven in India and made in the USA, quickly became the standard for the smooth look and crisp feel of a Matouk bed. It is our most refined percale sheeting and the perfect base fabric for many of our most popular styles including Atoll, Bryant, Jackson, Liana, and Paola.

Another brand stalwart, Milano is our 600 thread count Egyptian cotton woven in Italy and made in the US. It is the ultimate in refined comfort for a bed thanks to its crisp, cool and soft profile.  Like Ceylon, it quickly became the to go-to foundation for classic Matouk styles such Allegro, Aziza, Lorelei, Lowell, and Mirasol.

After quietly supporting the above looks with their signature color, trim and embroidery, we thought it was time that these iconic fabrics stand alone with subtle details that make a big impact.

Matouk luxury linens

The stunning landscape of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, where Ceylon is woven, above. Photo:


The Inspiration…


Both Ceylon and Milano, as their names suggest, are largely influenced by the places where the unparalleled fabric journey starts.

Smooth cool, and crisp, Ceylon’s cotton percale is a speciality of our textile supplier in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, which is known for their durable cotton fabrics and casual linens. The factory is trained by Matouk and powered by 100% solar energy.

Like something you would sleep on at a five-star hotel in Italy, Milano finely woven cotton fabric is renowned for an elegant, soft profile, making for a very dreamy nest. The fabric is woven in the well known textile region of Bergamo, northeast of Milan. A multigenerational, family owned factory (much like Matouk), they are known for their fine weaving and of luxury linen finish.  

Matouk luxury linens

Scenic views and historical buildings are commonplace throughout Bergamo, Italy, where Milano is woven. Photo:


The Construction...

A closeup of the detailing on our Milano Hemstitch.



Milano’s Hemstitch


Delicate and durable, the finishing touch on Milano is made through a meticulous, masterful process. After perforating the sheeting with microscopic holes, three needles simultaneously cut, spread, and sew the reinforced eyelet holes using a cross-weaving technique.  



Ceylon’s Satin Stitch


Classic and urbane, this detail is created using a series of flat stitches embroidered onto the cotton percale sheeting. We’ve tried it all, but modern technology is no match against our antique Singer sewing machines. We still use them to achieve a perfect satin stitch on Ceylon.

Singer sewing machine used to create the satin stitch on our Ceylon sheeting.

The Look…

Classic, understated, and ultimately versatile bed looks, Ceylon Satin Stitch and Milano Hemstitch are available in timeless shades of White and Ivory. The crisp fabrics and polished details work in any home, from traditional to contemporary and any space -- master suite to guest and kids’ bedrooms.

Milano Hemstitch

You’ll Love Milano Hemstitch If…

  • You want to evoke a five-star Italian pensione in your own sleep space.
  • You are looking for a simple and elegant style that looks and feels delicate but is durable to withstand a lifetime of washing.
  • You like a cool and soft touch to your bedding.
Ceylon Satin Stitch

You’ll Love Ceylon Satin Stitch If…

  • You are looking for a classic, urbane style that feels like a haute hotel suite.
  • You want a high-thread count sheet that you can machine wash again and again and it will never lose its style.
  • You like a cool, crisp percale that always looks polished and clean.

The Care…


To keep both Milano Hemstitch and Ceylon Satin Stitch bedding looking their best, machine wash in warm water and tumble dry on low heat. Do not use bleach. Iron as needed.

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