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Undercover: Bath Rugs

Our new Maya bath rug.

What’s a bath rug? How is it different from a mat? Read on to learn the what, where, and why of this home essential.

While Matouk has always offered an array of tub mats -- a small floor covering next to the bathtub to absorb water and prevent slipping -- and bath rugs, we often get asked “why a bath rug?”, and what the difference is between the two. With the arrival of our Fall 2018 Bath Rug Collection, we thought it was a good time to answer these questions and show what they can bring to a bath space.

A standard tub mat is typically 17 by 24 inches and matches your towel details, while a bath rug is larger in size -- as big as 24 by 36 inches -- making it functional while also creating an opportunity to lend added color, texture and pattern to an often neglected space.

So why a bath rug now? We wanted to illustrate its many benefits and offer an array that speaks to your style. Our new Bath Rugs - Fossey, HudsonMayaand Nikita - are the perfect way to warm up cold bathroom floors while making a chic statement.

In essence, the bath rug is the key to the ultimate bath experience.

The Inspiration…

Ranging from modernist to romantic, exotic to carefree, our newest Bath Rugs take their inspiration from a myriad of places, giving any bath space a variety of style, color, and touch.


The Caribbean Sea was the inspiration behind Nikita. Photo:
Our Fossey bath rug pulls from traditional zebra print and takes inspiration from the beauty found in nature. Photo:

The Construction... 

Our Bath Rugs are constructed outside of the beautiful city of Porto, Portugal. Photo:

All of our bath rugs are crafted in Portugal, made of 100% combed cotton yarns. (Fossey uses an equally durable poly/cotton blend.) Our manufacturers always use best practices to ensure extra softness, absorbency and anti-pilling. Color fastness process used in dying prevents fading and running.



Slightly on the wild side, Fossey was inspired by the innate beauty found in nature. Taking a traditional zebra print and casting it in a large scale gives the design an abstract, polished effect. 

You’ll Love Fossey If...

  • You are looking to add a bit of global, graphic touch to your bath
  • You want a plush, oversize landing for your master or guest bath
  • You like a cool and soft touch to your bedding.
  • You like classic colors found in nature
Fossey in Dusk, Surf, Silver, and Fawn.
Hudson in Ivory.



An effortless, relaxed look that combines two distinct textures. A tightly woven pattern plays nicely alongside a plush, raised stripe. It’s the ultimate sensory experience and is versatile enough to work in any style bath, traditional to contemporary.

You’ll Love Hudson If...

  • You like a more relaxed look and love intermingling textures
  • You want the choice of selecting square or rectangle shape
  • You believe spaces should be bathed in White or Ivory



An urbane take on a classical crosshatch pattern, Maya’s subtle pattern does more than elevate the decor, it also creates a super soft texture. The tonal, moody color array is perfect for those who subscribe to the less is more ethos.

You’ll Love Maya If…

  • You like an extra soft landing when you come out of the bath or shower
  • You want to evoke a modern modern, polished mood in your space
  • You are drawn to moody shades of blue and beige
Maya in Wedgwood.
Nikita in Azure.



Artist/Designer Lulu DK was moved to create this pattern when she saw the sun dancing across the water at her Bahamian home. The raised pile ensures a super plush look and feel. Pair with the coordinating towels for a truly escapist fantasy.

You’ll Love Nikita If...

  • You want a coordinated look with matching towels
  • You dream of shimmering water on a Caribbean Sea
  • You go for a subtle mix of shades with a spirited print

The Care…

To keep our cotton and cotton/polyester bath rugs looking their best, machine wash warm. Do not use softener or bleach. Tumble dry on medium heat.

Our Nikita bath rug in Azure, Champagne, and Silver.

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