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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Whether you're a daughter, grandmother, best friend or fellow mom, read on for the just-right gifts for every mom in your life, selected by a few of our most stylish and trusted friends...

Elizabeth Blitzer, Owner of Blitzer & Company

Elizabeth Blitzer, left, with sister Caroline and her two daughters.

For my mom...


I'm totally obsessed with the Matouk Down Comforters. This would be a total indulgence as she would never buy something so decadent for herself. I know she will LOVE every cozy minute wrapped in Matouk’s Alpine down feathers!!!

For my sister...


Caroline is a corporate lawyer with two small children! It seems as if she has NO down time and when she does she is chasing her kids around the house. I’m getting her the Matteo Robe because if you have to run after toddlers, you should be able to do it in great comfort and style!! And, besides that, if you have to wear heels 5 days a week, I think a weekend calls for a comfortable reason to not get dressed the whole day!

For my mom friends...


They deserve a down comforter, a robe AND a vacation, but since that is more than I can offer, I want to give them something that is JUST for them!! The best way I can think to stave off a house full of sticky fingers—a personalized gift using one of the beautiful monograms from Matouk! I love a more decadent monograms like #2062 or #2002. Even the simplest decorative pillow or set of table napkins is fun and indulgent enough to make any mother feel special!

Chachi, Violet, and Margot Matouk, daughters of Mindy & George Matouk

Margot, Mindy, Chachi, and Violet Matouk.
"I would get my mom a Cairo bathrobe and it would have our dog Aspen embroidered on the front. He'd be curled up in a little circle like he is at night when we all hang out together and he sits down next to her. My mom loves Aspen, and no one else in the world would have a robe like would be one of a kind."

Chachi Matouk

"I would get my mom the August throw in Dune. It is so soft and pretty, and my mom loves all of those warm natural colors. My sisters and I have lacrosse games all spring and it can get really cold when they're late in the day; my mom always brings a throw in case someone needs one. She always brings one when we travel too, and it has saved us on cold plane rides and long dinners."

Violet Matouk

"I would give my mom two sets of the Lotus towel in Pool with her monogram on them. Her favorite towel is actually Enzo (or maybe the new Kiran). I'm thinking if I give her the Lotus, she'll end up giving them to me because Lotus is my favorite towel. And we have the same monogram! Perfect"

Margot Matouk

David Gooding, Founder and CEO of Juliska

David with his mother at Augusta National in Augusta, GA.

For my petit English mother who lives in the heart of the Surrey countryside (in a 500 year old drafty Tudor home), for Mother’s Day I would gift her...

Ava Quilt


Since thrifty English mum insists on turning off the heat at night so you can see your breath in the morning, this luxurious Ava Quilt would be a welcome replacement to the itchy Scottish wool one she purchased on trip to the Highlands in 1954.

Cairo Bath Sheet


Little mum does love languishing in her nightly tub, so the sprawling Cairo bath sheet at over 6’ long and 3’ wide surely would make for the most fabulous after-bath comfort. Since mum is barely 5’ tall, she may need to hire a handmaiden to lift the trailing terry cloth as she wanders around the bathroom looking for her spectacles…

Cairo Robe


I would boldly monogram a sumptuous Cairo Robe so my sister could not swipe it, and insist mum wear it all day. What better way to spend Mother’s day than in a classic terry cloth robe, sipping earl grey and marveling at your son’s brilliant gift giving talents?

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Lotus Towels

$9.00 – $95.00
+6+10 colors

Cairo Towels

$25.00 – $124.00
+10+14 colors

Chalet Comforter

$1,274.00 – $2,642.00

Ava Quilt

$698.00 – $799.00
+2+6 colors


Cairo Robe

+3+7 colors