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Summer Indulgences, Part 2

Summer Indulgences, Part 2

Between beach time, ice cream, rosé, summer Fridays, and flip-flops, summer is, without a doubt, a time to indulge. A few weeks ago, we turned to a few of our favorite editors, interior designers, and bloggers and asked them how they spoil themselves during the summer season. Here, we share what a whole new batch of creative types has to say on the subject.

“Every summer, I take my daughter, Jitan, to visit relatives in Cape May, NJ. I've been going there since I was a kid, and I love maintaining the tradition. The world changes, life goes on, but an annual round of miniature golf with Jitan puts everything right with the universe.”—Richard Haines, Artist and Blogger at What I Saw Today

“I love to get up at 5 a.m. and have my coffee on the morning porch of our old Victorian house and watch the sun come up over the magnolia trees. After my son has gone down for the night, I love to watch fireflies dot the sky like diamonds as I rock on our evening porch, dogs at my feet, the scent of magnolia in the breeze, with a tall glass of iced mint tea. It’s a feeling of complete peace.”—Leeta Harding, Photographer and Instagrammer at DemocraticForest

“Driving to the Jersey Shore in a convertible with the top down, Bruce Springsteen blaring from the speakers; fried clams and miniature golf at Arnold's Lobster and Clam Bar in Cape Cod; Eres swimsuits, and “Breaking Bad” marathons all scream summer bliss to me.”—Liz Kiernan, Special Sections Director, Lucky magazine

“My love for summer night walks began as a teenager in Queensland [Australia]. The days were unbearably hot, but the nights were glorious. My best friend, Jacky, and I spent many a summer vacation wandering suburbia at night. As an adult in New York City, I wait ‘til my kids are in bed and then meet a girlfriend for a summer night walk around the neighborhood. The city feels alive and the night air is heavenly.”—Felicity Loughrey, Founder, Card Lust and Blogger at Lustaday

"I like fresh squeezed limeade, and clam bakes and Maryland crabs at the beach."—Marika Mayer, Interior Designer

“I spent the last few summers in Arizona, and there is nothing more blissful than an evening swim in the backyard pool, with all the porch lights off, floating on my back in water that is the same temperature as the night air, gazing at a starry sky.”—Jen Smith, Stylist and Editor at Large at Pan & The Dream