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The Rebirth of Florals

The Rebirth of Florals

Above: “Charlotte” bedding, picturing yellow allium flowers is an enduring pattern now offered in two new colorways for Spring 2016.

This thread was originally posted in April 2014, and has been edited and updated.

Every spring season, we see a proliferation of floral prints throughout the home, from stylized floral wallpapers and rugs, to brightly colored chintzes on upholstery. Of course, Matouk has long since embraced the floral, specifically in regards to our collection designed by Lulu DK. For Spring of 2014, we introduced a collection of delicious florals by Lulu DK for Matouk inspired by her experiences in the gardens of Italy.  

“I am always a fan of bringing a little old school spring (in the name of flowers) into the home and onto the bed,” says Lulu.  “Mother Nature has always been my biggest form of inspiration, and for Spring 2014, I brought her in with a bang.   Florals are always beautiful and transformative in any bedroom; I love that I can throw a bright sheet onto the bed to change the room in one great, inviting swoop.”

Left: “Viola” by Lulu DK for Matouk is an up close interpretation of lush, dense, and wild flowers. Right: “Aurelia” by Lulu DK for Matouk, depicting paint splatter blooms on meandering stems, channels an old-fashioned feel of summer.  Each season we introduce new designs, and these two favorites are now archived.

One of our new favorites for Spring 2016 is Minerva, sure to become a classic. Originally one of Lulu DK’s decorative fabrics, Minerva has new life as a bedding print on luxurious 500 thread count Egyptian cotton percale.  Lulu loves to draw graphic feminine shapes that mimic nature's perfection, and this pattern highlights her passion perfectly. Both sophisticated and breezy, the large-scale leaf design makes a distinct statement on the bed.  Minerva is finished with clean and simple tailoring that doesn’t distract from the print itself.

Another new floral we are excited to introduce this spring is Cassidy, a small-scale botanical print with flowing stems and flowers reminiscent of coral and anemone. The intricate, yet serene pattern is simply rendered in white on a colored ground of 500 thread count Egyptian cotton percale. With clean edges and small flanges, this versatile, live-able, and above all beautiful bedding is sure to be a designer’s dream.

Left: Cassidy | Right: Minerva

Below is further insight from some of our favorite interior designers into their use of floral patterning. As L.A.-based designer Jenn Feldman told us, “Floral prints are timeless, youthful and effortless.” We certainly agree.

Mona Ross Berman

"After the long, dreary winter many of us have endured, there seems to be a collective gravitational pull in the direction of all things bright, sunny, and cheery. Our homes are no exception. What better way to do that than with flowers? So, it’s no surprise I am seeing a lot of bold floral patterns in shades of fuchsia, tangerine, azure, and canary yellow. These are colors that scream, “Spring is here!” They are guaranteed to lighten your mood and help make the dark days of winter a distant memory.”

Jenn Feldman  |  Kristine Mullaney

Jenn Feldman: "I love using oversized floral wallpaper patterns as the focal point to a room. You can take the pattern a bit bigger and bolder when used on one large accent wall—it's like putting a photo in a frame! Using a floral print wallpaper or fabric gives a big wow element to a room, since most floral patterns have multiple colors woven together effortlessly. Then you can focus on a single accent color that ties the decor together. This way, the space will never feel overwhelming."

Kristine Mullaney: "I like flowers that aren’t fussy, whether that’s in a wallpaper or an actual arrangement. The florals I tend to use in my work are bold and bright patterns with clean lines and an overall happy feel. I also like when the look is a bit unexpected, for instance, a more graphic floral like the fabric for the Roman shade in this powder room.”

Garrison Hullinger

“Mixing strong elements, like the reclaimed wood wall cladding and metal side table begs for a more calming element. In this case, I added pillow shams with an exaggerated floral print. I love the contrast of the rough wood backdrop with the playful flower.”

Kelly Lamb, KL Studios

“I fell in love with these poppies the first time I saw them. The design is decorative and bold yet at the same time, reserved and feminine. The silver paper also plays with the light which is something I think about a lot in my designs.”