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These Beach Towels Make Summer Even Better

These Beach Towels Make Summer Even Better

A version of this article was originally published in May 2015.

Is there anything more delightful than the sight of beach towels hanging by a gate? Slightly damp or a little sandy, they’re a visual cue that summer is in full swing. Beach towels denote sun and fun, but they also do much more. They signal our minds to slow down and our senses to perk up. They tell us that the freshest corn and ripest tomatoes are just a farm stand visit away, and could be on the table tonight. They hint that the sand is still stuck between someone’s toes, or that it’s about to be, and subtly urge us to relax and check in with the important things in life – family, fun, and friendship.

If a simple towel can convey all of those things, then perhaps their terry loops and vibrant stripes are as important as summer itself. As a simple symbol of the wonderful things in life, they are so much more than just a poolside practicality. With all that in mind, we launched our first beach towel collection, a collaboration with Lulu DK, nearly a decade ago. 

"It was a natural fit," says Annie Graham, a designer at Matouk. "Lulu is known for her nautical, beach-y patterns. With their classic, East Coast preppy prints, our Beachcomber, Parasol, Regatta, and Rope beach towels from this inaugural collection were an instant top-seller."

Matouk Nautical Beach Towels by Lulu DK spotted on a Cape Cod beach
Lulu DK's Parasol and Rope towels for Matouk were spotted on a beach on Cape Cod and captured on our Instagram feed. 

Nine years, later, these designs remain a staple in our collection. But our family of linens for pool and sand has only grown since 2007.

In 2013, we were inspired by a collection of small abstract artworks painted by Lulu, which we thought would transfer perfectly onto the canvas of a beach towel. Abstractions (pictured at top) was born based on these paintings, with their saturated hues and 1960s-style prints. Still, though, a certain nautical vibe carries through these color-blocked designs: The Blue version reminds us of a wave or shark fin; the Sunshine colorway is like the sun’s rays beating down on the beach (a continuing theme throughout Lulu’s work).

All together, the mod collection that is Abstractions – which is also available in Coral, Hibiscus, Navy, and Seagrass colorways – makes a vibrant addition to any pool house or beach cabana; they hang together like a gang of cool kids heading to the pool party where everyone wants to be. (That's probably the reason why these towels won best new product in the bath category at the 2013 New York Gift Show.)

The following year, we took a new path to the beach, when we introduced Amado, which features stripes in two different textures. Unlike our Lulu DK towels, which are printed on plush velour terry, our Amado towels feature prints woven directly into the fabric. The white stripe has absorbent terry loops, while the colored stripe is made from flat woven yarn. The duality of textures creates an artful, bas-relief effect that says summer in a subtle yet undeniable way.

Matouk Beach Towels - Amado hanging at the pool
Our Amado towels love to hang out by the pool. Follow us on Instagram for more pictures like this. 

Because Amado was created out of a love for coastal living (the name itself means "beloved" in Portuguese and is also the name of an especially beautiful Portuguese beach), we offer it in an oversized 79-inch square beach blanket as well as a towel. Sublimely lightweight and absorbent, Amado is perfect for napping, picnicking, and sunning alongside friends. It’s such a delight that many of our customers even use it as a bath towel at their beach cottages.

On the heels of Amado’s success, in 2015 we developed Pico and Pico Stripe, which take their inspiration from Turkish towels, which were (and still are) having a moment.

"They are very current in textile design," notes Annie Graham, "but more importantly for the Matouk design team, they are very attractive, lightweight, and great to carry around." (But don’t just take our word for, see for yourself the joy they bring, even to our littlest fans!)

On their front sides, Pico and Pico Stripe feature an intricate, allover diamond pattern. On the back, we’ve made these chic towels even more functional with an added a layer of looped terry for extra absorbency. Classic knotted fringe on the border and an appealing color palette make for a look that’s contemporary yet timeless – you’ll want to stay wrapped up in them at the beach and beyond.

Matouk Beach Towels Pineapples by Lulu DK

Could our beach towels get any better? We turned once again to Lulu DK to find out. Her response was this season’s Pineapple Beach Towel, which brings a tropical paradise to wherever you decide to lounge. Graphic and bright, these prints on 100 percent cotton velour create an irresistible pop art effect in our latest summer classic.

Whether you’re a beach person who dreams of a tiny seaside cottage or the type who prefers an occasional dip in a glamorous pool, the beach towel is your key to summer success. So hang them on hooks, stack them up, or leave them rolled and placed in a basket. No matter how you store and display them, keep them at the ready for yourself and your guests – summer is in full swing, and you’ll want to heed its call.