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That Vagabond Spirit: Matouk Hits the Road Part 2

That Vagabond Spirit: Matouk Hits the Road Part 2

A few weeks ago we brought you the stories of three Matouk products inspired by amazing travel destinations: Harbour Island (shown above) takes its name and flavor from the exotic Bahamian destination known for the bohemian spirit and gorgeous beach life; Portofino from the charming Italian fishing village still steeped in the traditions of the old world; and Auberge, its bold and modern elegance reminiscent of a five-star hotel spa experience many years ago in Hong Kong.

This week we continue the trip through the archives with a look at three more Matouk favorites that owe their existence to an inspiration that struck during our travels. Hopefully the hint of these varied destinations will find their way into your own home, flavoring your dreams with just a bit of their unique patina and beauty.


LEFT: Palm Beach, Florida | RIGHT: Matouk Mirasol

A winter stroll down Worth Avenue in Palm Beach inspired this Matouk classic. Drunk on the smell of frangipani and joie de vie, it was the shop awnings that we couldn’t forget. Their colorful assortment and unique arches inspired Mirasol; countless bedrooms have never been the same.


LEFT: Photo by kissthis via Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0 | RIGHT: Matouk Block Island

This hearty piece of land is set 13 miles off the coast of Rhode Island and 14 miles off the coast of Long Island, a melting pot where the common denominator may be love of the simple seaside vibe. Block Island, our handsome and crisp seersucker line, proudly takes its’ name, and its’ spirit, from this beautiful island.


LEFT: Photo by Allie Caulfield via Flickr CC BY 2.0 | RIGHT: Matouk Key Largo

Key Largo, one of the Upper Keys in the stretch of islands known as “America’s Caribbean,” is the perfect embodiment of our laid-back bedding which shares the name. Key Largo, both the bedding and the island, is simple in all the right ways: effortlessly beautiful and never stuffy. Key Largo is the perfect reminder that things don’t have to be complicated to be perfect, and that days spent in the ocean and trees are usually days well spent. 

Not only do these designs memorialize special journeys, they also reflect some unique element of their namesake. It can be the architecture of the town buildings, the magic light over water at sunrise, or just the unforgettable spirit and energy that lends a place its unique vibe. In some way, every place leaves its own mark upon us.