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Red, White and Blue Rooms

Red, White and Blue Rooms

This Thread was originally posted on June 26, 2013.

MAIN IMAGE Above left: Matouk “Elliot” coverlet and shams with “Meridian” sheets and pillowcases; right: “Love” pillows by Lulu DK for Matouk

With Independence Day around the corner, we thought we’d look at a designer favorite—the red, white, and blue room. While we're always game for a slice of Americana, the great thing about a red, white, and blue color scheme is that it is as versatile as it is patriotic. You can easily add and subtract the blue or the red to pare things down or punch them up. Let’s have a look at four bedrooms that use the hues to perfection, in very different ways.

Above left: Interior design by Thomas Hamel; right: interior design by Meg Braff

In the bedroom on the left, Australian interior designer Thomas Hamel uses a colorblock approach, with the ivory walls, white bedding, and solid royal blue upholstered headboard. An oversize framed flag brings in the red. By swapping out the art, and adding a new accent color, like lemon, you’d have a wholly different effect.

The bedroom on the right, designed by New York-based interior designer Meg Braff, starts with peacefull blue walls and a sturdy sisal rug, onto which she layers color and pattern. Crisp linens with red-trimmed embroidery top the bed, which is dressed up with a watery chevron and dot print bed skirt to match the Roman shade. A graphic red print hangs above, and a simple, blue striped rug adds more interest to the floor. Finally a star pendant infuses a bit of Americana.

Above left: Interior design by John Knott and John Fondas; photo by Bjorn Wallander for House Beautiful; right: photo by Keith Scott Morton for Coastal Living

Talk about mixing prints! On the left is a detail from a master bedroom designed by John Knott and John Fondas. The pair transformed an old hotel on an island in Maine to reflect its Colonial roots, in both color and pattern. The toile wallpaper and upholstery is actually the same pattern—“Independence Engraving” by Quadrille. It's just that the version on the daybed has a blue background. The scene depicts George Washington leading a leopard-drawn chariot. Of course, that there be a framed American flat in the room is absolutely fitting.

The bed on the right, seen in Coastal Living, is a touch more kitschy. We’re guessing it’s a room for a child in a beach house. The bedspread done in the manner of vintage tourism memorabilia and distressed wooden oars decorate the wall. If and when the homeowners tire of the theme, they can pull the bedding and the oars and be left with a plain, white canvas.

Shopping Matouk

Matouk is replete with blues in every hue, plus plenty of white and a bit of red too. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite pieces for bed, bath, and the beach.

1 Star by Lulu DK, no longer offered
2 Love Pillows by Lulu DK
3 Lighthouse Towels, no longer offered
4 Marlowe Bath Towels
5 Abstractions Beach Towels by Lulu DK
6 Arcadia Throw
7 Elliot Navy Coverlet and Pillows, Meridian Sheets and Pillowcases