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There and Back Again: Our Favorite Travel-Inspired Designs Part 1

There and Back Again: Our Favorite Travel-Inspired Designs Part 1

With summer comes that inevitable wistful desire to throw caution to the wind, check responsibilities at the door, and commit to a reprieve from real life filled with relaxation, new adventures, and meaningful time with loved ones. In short, to chuck the electronics and live the vagabond life. (Wait, is that just us? We didn’t think so.) Summer is that magical season where time and commitments just don’t seem to matter quite so much, and the possibility for new experiences feels attainable.

Many of our linens were inspired by our own restless spirit and adventures on the road. Exploring the world is exciting, and what we bring back with us – both in terms of souvenirs and experiences – affects who we are. But coming home can also be wonderful – travel makes us truly appreciate our domestic comforts and joys. So with summer laid out before us, we took a nostalgic look through the linens inspired by some very memorable trips. One of the best parts of any trip should be coming home; these linens are always a reminder of where we’ve been.

harbour island bahamas_travelLULU_HarbourIsland
LEFT: Photo by Torley via Flickr | RIGHT: Lulu DK Matouk Harbour Island

Harbour Island, our playfully modern collection created with Lulu DK, was inspired by the exotic tropical island where untold romantic forays and family stories have unfolded. One visit there cemented its place in Matouk family history, not just for the memorable wedding that took place, but for the thrilling discovery that the first of the fourth generation of Matouks would be making her way into the world just a few months down the road. It’s definitely a place we will never forget.

LEFT: Photo via Creative Commons | RIGHT: Matouk Portofino

Named for the Italian fishing village and famed vacation resort frequented by artists and celebrities alike, Portofino is made of superior sheeting woven in the country from which it takes its name. With a delightful scalloped edge and 50-50 cotton-polyester sheeting, this is a classic style perfect for the carefree days of summer. The easy-care quality of the cotton blend sacrifices none of the luxury and comfort that Matouk is known for.

LEFT: Photo by David Sandoz via Flickr CC BY 2.0. | RIGHT: Matouk Auberge

Is there anything better than a hot shower after a long day of travel? Maybe, but it’s certainly one of life’s simple pleasures, especially if the shower includes drying off with an amazing towel. Which is exactly what inspired our Auberge line. A stopover in Hong Kong on the way home from a Philippines factory visit yielded the inspiration for this handsomely bold and luxuriously soft terry bath towel. Reminiscent of the bathroom staples of the world’s finest hotels, Auberge will transform your own bath experience into one equally indulgent.

We all know it’s no small thing to pick up and explore the world. Of course, there’s no need to ditch the day job, sell the house, and pull the kids out of school. But there’s nothing to be lost in honoring the restless spirit, exploring when you can, and breaking out of the box this summer. Come September, the world will return to its usual order. We know that, deep down, you’re still up for a life of adventure. But whether your travels are worldly or regional, we’ll still be here, so that you can always come home to Matouk.