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Matouk Muse: Veronica Miele Beard

Matouk Muse: Veronica Miele Beard

Veronica Miele Beard, co-founder of Veronica Beard (and mother of five!), at a fashion show with her youngest son, Matty. Photo courtesy Billy Farrell Agency.

The Matouk Muse is a blog series featuring individuals who inspire us with their creativity, passion, and personal style. This month, we continue on our third muse in the series with Veronica Beard.

As the co-founder of Veronica Beard, an upscale sportswear line she created with her sister-in-law (also named Veronica… what are the chances?), Veronica Miele Beard has found a solution for a not-to-be-underestimated wardrobe challenge: layering.

Namely, how do you layer your clothing in a way that looks at once chic, effortless, and streamlined (e.g. not bulky)? Veronica Beard’s answer is their brand’s signature item—a blazer-style jacket with an interchangeable sweater insert (called a “dickey”) that when switched up, creates a wide variety of looks.

The concept not only makes layering look easy, but it also makes packing a snap—a good thing for Veronica Miele Beard herself, since she is an insatiable traveler.

While in the midst of launching her company’s Fall 2015 collection at retail and prepping to present the Spring 2016 collection at Fashion Week in September, Veronica took five to answer 18 questions for us. Read below for some insight and inspiration from our latest Matouk Muse.

Your design style?
French and Venetian. Old and new, Lots of color and lots of gold. Gilt fauteuil with Fortuny fabric. Venetian chandeliers and Persian rugs.

How is it different from (or similar to) your personal fashion style?
It’s similar; sexy never goes out of style.

First design memory? 
Building my Crest toothpaste Halloween costume out of a refrigerator box!

Saved search term on eBay?
Venetian masks.

The day isn't complete if you haven't…?
Called my mom.

Favorite adventure from the summer?
Exploring the San Antonio caves [the Natural Bridge Caverns] with the kids.

Trip you are most anticipating?
Tibet in 2016.

Favorite hotel?
The Four Seasons in Istanbul.

Favorite shopping spot?
Montaigne Market in Paris.

Personal fashion uniform? 
High-waisted Veronica Beard Skinny Flare Jeans with a boudoir-inspired shirt tail silk blouse peeking under and a Veronica Beard fitted navy blazer with a Leather Moto Dickey.

Outfit or item you can't wait to wear this fall? 
A Veronica Beard Wool Camo Parka (coming soon!) over our Skinny Flare Jeans and an embroidered silk tee.

You have five children! Any guidelines or tips you can offer for approaching the design of a children's room? 
Even if we are traveling, the kids care about where they sleep—their home away from home. My three girls mix and match bedding constantly. I love to see where they go with it! Sometimes it’s white lace and sometimes it’s Jamaican blue bedspreads with green pillows.  My two boys share a room that is very nautical with accents of red. I shook it up and used blue and white tie-dye on their walls.

Someone wants to splurge on you. What's the number one item on your wish list? 
Oh my, a cup of Joe’s Coffee would make my day!

What’s inspiring you right now?
I just watched the movie Rear Window with my kids. It was made in 1954—an era before the kind of manufactured imagery we have now. Grace Kelly was the purest beauty, from her lapis blue eyes, to her milky white skin, to her clothing—it was tailored so perfectly.

In fashion, I’ll follow Nicolas Ghesquiere wherever he goes.  He has taken Louis Vuitton to a whole new level of wearable luxury with just enough European edge.

Daily reads? 
The New York Post.

What are you most proud of? 
My kids.

Mantra or mindset you try to live by? 
I teach my kids every day to be individuals.

Secret skill or talent? 
I love making bets.