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Introducing Lulu DK for Matouk, Spring 2015

Introducing Lulu DK for Matouk, Spring 2015

Spring is, hands-down, our favorite time of year at Matouk. That’s because it’s when we introduce our new prints from our Lulu DK collection, our collaboration with artist and textile designer Lulu de Kwiatkowski, now in its eighth year.

Lulu’s spring collections are typically made up of memorable new prints in cheerful colors that are guaranteed to lend a dose of casual luxury to any space. This time around is no different. But there is nevertheless plenty of news for Spring 2015 when it comes to both Lulu’s new designs as well as our approach.

For Spring 2015 and going forward, our new Lulu prints are being printed in a 500 thread-count percale (instead of the 300 thread-count we have traditionally used). “The hand is fantastic,” says Director of Marketing Meg Woodhouse, and the base shade of white pairs perfectly with the white in in the sheeting of our luxury Matouk line. We’ve also colored Lulu to go with our Nocturne sateen, so the collection coordinates with Lowell, Paloma, Mirasol, or any other style that utilizes Nocturne as applique or trim. We’ve even added new colors to two embroidered styles—Butterfield and Ansonia—to further expand the palette.

“We’ve opened up a whole new world of coordinates to go with Lulu,” says Annie Graham, Designer at Matouk.

“The big theme of this collection is the marriage of casual and luxury,” adds George Matouk Jr., Matouk CEO. “Whereas historically, we thought of the aesthetics and target customers of our casual Lulu DK for Matouk collections as being somewhat distinct from those related to our luxury collections, we now look at them as being intertwined.

“We wanted to empower our customers to live and decorate with Matouk in a more modern and innovative way than in the past,” George continues. “We wanted the customer who owns a couture duvet cover to be able to bring new life to it by pairing it with a stylish and graphic Lulu print. It's a beautiful thing to see all of our work living in such harmony.”

This deeper integration of Lulu DK with the rest of the Matouk line also enables a more contemporary approach to styling: Traditionally, printed bedding is styled as a small-scale print on sheets coordinated with a large-scale print on the duvet. But more recently, says Annie Graham, “We have found that our customers are styling prints with white or other more minimal bedding, instead of layering print on print. Our new Lulu prints not only pair color-wise, with much of our Matouk line, but they also stand beautifully on their own as motifs. This feels fresh, modern, and Matouk.”

Further, while we’ve experimented with digital printing with last few Lulu collections, with Spring 2015, we return to the flatter screen-printed technique our customers—and Lulu herself—love.

Our Spring 2015 Lulu DK introductions include bedding styles in Clementine, Gillespie, Marsalis, Nikita, and Plumes, along with Ella, an embroidered, linen-backed pillow. “I wanted the line to feel very organic, with a certain fluidity and texture,” says Lulu of her approach to the whole collection. “Whereas previous collections were more straightforward—this is a geometric, this is a floral, etc.—this one is more nebulous. It leaves a little more to the imagination.

Nikita, for example, is like water moving or maybe animal skin. Clementine is a floral, but it’s so small, you almost can’t tell. The feathers in Plumes are so subtle; they could read not like feathers, but like wind or movement. Gillespie is graphic, but highly textured. Marsalis, which nods to Jacobean florals, is bolder than the others, but still has that an organic quality to it.”

Color-wise, Lagoon and Ocean feature prominently in this collection. “These colors are very clean and fresh and reminiscent of nature, like water and sky,” says Annie Graham. “They are unique in that while still bright colors, they lend a feeling of tranquility to a space.”

The whole collection was a hit with retailers, who previewed the new styles at trade shows in Atlanta and New York this winter. But the runaway favorite—both with retailers and the Matouk team alike—is Nikita, a textured print that is, says, Lulu, like “sparkling water meets animal print.”

“I absolutely love Nikita!” says Annie, echoing the sentiments of the rest of us. “I’m obsessed with pattern, and this one is brilliant in its ambiguity. It reminds me of so many things–water, animal skin, fish scales, dappled sunlight… But it’s actually just a bunch of tiny dots. So cool!”

Nikita in Lagoon is gorgeous as a duvet and shams,” says Meg. “But I have this fantasy of using it as a fitted sheet; it would be my own little secret that would enhance that ‘ahh’ moment I relish when I get into bed each night.”

Continues George: “Lulu sent it to us after the entire collection had been finalized, and we loved it so much that we re-opened the process at a late hour so that Nikita could come to life as quickly as possible. So we will always remember Nikita as something we believed in and fought for.”