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Made to order bath

With six refined styles to choose from, Our Made to Order Bath program allows you to completely customize your towel wardrobe, bath rugs, and shower curtains for a look worthy of the most luxurious bath.


The classic chain motif of Providence is distinctive and mesmerizing. Done with a bias tape applique, the look is bold and sophisticated—the perfect counterpoint to a highly decorated or playfully elegant bath. Providence towels feature a Cairo base—a dry terry made from the highest quality Egyptian cotton, Providence is also available as a shower curtain on Diamond Pique. With 120 shades of applique trim to choose from, there is certainly a color to fulfill your vision of the ultimate bath.


With a bold triple band applique detail and piped border, Newport is clean, classic, and bold. The towels begin with our Cairo base—a dense towel with a dry hand, made from the highest quality Egyptian cotton terry—and are finished with detailing done in our bias tape. Newport is also available as a shower curtain in Diamond Pique. Choose from a white or ivory base and over 120 colors of applique for a palette that perfectly suits your aesthetic.


A Matouk classic (it has been in our collection longer than any of our other towel styles), Cairo is made from the highest quality Egyptian cotton terry. It’s thick and has a dry hand, which gives it a light exfoliating quality against the skin. The thin, colored piping around the edge of our Cairo with Straight Piping is clean and contemporary, and easily paired with the rest of your décor.

cairo scalloped

To create our Cairo Scalloped towels, we use a now rare, old-fashioned technique of stamping each individual piece with a die for a true artisinal creation. Completely luxurious with a feminine appeal, the style is ideal for the master bath. The Cairo base is available in white or ivory and is made from the finest Egyptian cotton. The scalloped trim is done in our bias tape that looks especially beautiful when done in softer colors like pale blue and silver, and delightfully fun in bright colors like yellow or pink.


Inspired by the design of the historic Tuileries gardens in Paris, Parterre is a beautiful vehicle for a single letter monogram, It is available as towels with our Cairo base—a dense towel with a dry hand made from the finest quality Egyptian cotton. It also comes as a shower curtain on pique. The applique trim is made from our Nocturne sateen, and makes a stunning coordinated master suite when paired with Parterre, Paloma, Nocturne, or any of our bedding featuring Nocturne sateen.


Those seeking the clean look of our Cairo with Straight Piping towels but who prefer the super-plush and absorbent Milagro terry should choose Esperanza. Done in Milagro White or Ivory base, Esperanza is lightweight yet still plush; super-soft and fast-drying. The piping detail is done in our bias tape, which is available in over 120 colors.

Find a retailer

Our retail partners—over 100 boutiques and specialty stores around the country—are experts in the art of linens, they can show and explain the infinite options available, and will help guarantee that the style, size, color, and embroidery or appliqué placement of your linens come together for the exact custom look you want. Please contact a Matouk retailer for more information on any of our personalization programs.